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LAMM Industries Inc.

We're extremely proud to be LAMM dealers.  These understated, elegant, well-engineered and well-built titans are so much fun to demo for customers.

Each amplifier is carefully constructed and hand-crafted with the finest materials and parts currently available, some of which include military graded low noise DALE metal film resistors; PRC wire wound resistors; ELECTROCUBE and ROEDERSTEIN film capacitors; high frequency switching grade CORNELL DUBILIER electrolytic capacitors; BOURNS multi-turn potentiometers; HAMMOND filter chokes; military graded low noise long life vacuum tubes; high quality heavy duty gold-plated binding posts and RCA jacks; gold-plated NEUTRIC XLR connectors, and CAMAC-type coaxial connectors from FISCHER.

Special attention was given to designing the toroidal power transformer, which has no mechanical contact with either the transformer cover or the chassis and is suspended in a special encapsulant that almost completely absorbs even the residual mechanical vibrations. This plays a significant role in assuring the absolutely unique clarity and micro-resolution during sound reproduction.

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